1. cosplaydeviants:

    A little bit of flirty Friday morning fun with shaeunderscore in her set, ‘Shiro,’ on www.CosplayDeviants.com/join/

  3. asiangoddesses:

    amazing Asian model

  5. dirtyasiangirls:

    LIVE Asian Webcam Girls at http://bit.ly/1lFcx9F **Free SignUp**

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  8. Perfect

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  10. venaivonexo:

    back on my voodoo grind

    who made you this perfect?

  11. encreme:


    You’re a bad influence

    2k goodbye

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  12. queen-cumslut:

    Aimi Yoshikawa

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  13. venaivonexo:

    I’m basically the half asian Bratz doll

    but Bratz dolls don’t look as good as you do

  14. venaivonexo:

    Baegurl stays carrying me

    those legs

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